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I’ve learned that in order to effectively work with children and families, you have to start at the very beginning. And that’s infancy and early childhood. However, through my studies I’ve found that there isn’t just one place that compiles all the valuable information on how to support children in their first years of life.

That’s why I developed this course so you can get access to a fully developed, comprehensive training that shows you exactly how to support children from the very start and how to work with the families that support and love them.

In this course you will:

Who is the course for?

This course is beneficial for anybody who works with children and families. If you’re an early childhood provider, a school teacher, or in a pre-K program, you will find this training incredibly supportive and filled with a lot of real world examples.

Your Instructor

Erin Troup


Erin is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in early childhood social emotional needs, particularly attachment, grief & loss, trauma and anxiety. Erin earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and child development from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She attended Chatham University for her MS in counseling and earned her Infant Mental Health Certificate in Pennsylvania’s first Infant Mental Health cohort.

In 2013 after work on a seminal grant supporting postpartum depression, Erin felt there was a gap in supportive counseling and consultation for many young families. She opened her practice: Sprout Center for Emotional Growth and Development, LLC out of the love and passion for supporting children and their families. She has worked in the fields of Mental Health, Early Intervention and Behavioral Health service for over 15 years. Erin has presented on a variety of topics including mental health, grief and loss, social emotional and child development throughout the United States; but she calls Pittsburgh home. Erin is a registered Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) clinician, Certified in Thanatology through the Association for Death Education and Counseling and an Endorsed Infant Mental Health Mentor.

Learning Path

We will introduce the concept of infant mental health and how secure attachment relates to the parent-child or caregiver-child bond. We will also take a look at what might get in the way of that attachment and what you can do to best support children and families in the role that you serve.

Video 24 Min  + 3 Resource Videos

We will discuss how important the first few years of life are for the Neurodevelopment of children and the role families play in that development. 

Video 37 Min  + 1 Resource Video

We will discuss how trauma and stress has a significant affect on the infant and toddler brain. We will also explore how both positive and negative experience shape the brain.

Video 43 Min  + 5 Resource Videos

We will take a look at parenting styles and how nature versus nurture plays a role in the development of children. We will also explore how depression can interfere with that bond.

Video 20 Min  + 2 Resource Videos  +2 Exercises

We will take a look at how anxiety interferes with the regulation and relationship that happens between the parent and the child. 

Video 20 Min

We will take a look at how all this information translates and how all parties work together. We answer the question, “who is this child?”

Video 27 Min  + 3 Resource Videos



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